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Multiple imports of risks to Primavera P6

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Dejan Kezic
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Hi everyone,

Is there solution ti import (through Excel) risks to large number of activities in P6 schedule?

Similar to importing of activities and/or resources, I would like to define several different risks and then instead of using manual method in P6 to export file to Excel, then prepare it for importing by coping risks to different activities and return it through import.

I have tried it, but I can not find Risks in Available Options in Export dialogues.


Thank you in advance!


Bhavinbhai Lakhani
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Hello Dejan,


I think currently, Primavera (P6) does not natively support exporting and importing risks directly through Excel in the same way it does for activities and resources. To achieve this, you typically need to manage risks within P6 itself rather than using Excel as an intermediary for direct risk import.


Hope it would help you.