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Help with QSRA

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Debosky Wale
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I have just been handed an XER EPC schedule with about 5000 activities. I'll like to extract some set/group of activities from this schedule to perform for QSRA purposes.

Is there any workaround to do this by activity code ? appreciate your advise please





Anoon Iimos
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If you don't need to disconnect the subject activities from the overall schedule to maintain logic (which I guess the right thing to do for risk assessment), then of course you can by way of using codes. You just use codes and filter to show only the subject activities.
Santosh Bhat
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The issue with extracting out a set of activities from an integrated schedule is that you will lose out on the logic holding it all together, and as a result the dates of the extracted set of activities may not match the original schedule. If you're comfortable in doing this, then yes you can perform such an analysis, as you're looking at the risk associated with that subset of activities in isolation to the overall project schedule.


The other options, is to import the entire schedule into your QSRA tool and to then only analyse the risks affecting that subset of activities, that is, only impact the risks onto those activities. This way the entirety of the schedule is maintained and the dates will match the original schedule.