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Technical query about Pertmaster and Low Memory

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As the subject indicates, I have encountered an issue whereby Pertmaster "runs out of memory" and will crash.  There is no loss of data, but after several attempts to continue is has slowed to a crawl. 

Does anyone, or has anyone encountered this issue, and developed a resolution?


Thanks in advance.


Rafael Davila
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Pertmaster does not uses 100% same calculation engine as P6, if you blindly imported the file from P6 this can cause some issues. The issues are not limited to different resource leveling algorithm but also on differences on how they handle constraints. 

  • I suggest taking a look on the literature and looking for constraints, among other issues related to constraints Pertmaster cannot handle secondary constraints.
  • Also take a look at the infamous P6 Level of Effort activities to make sure import was correct. 
  • Planning unit is another issue of concern. 
  • Lag calendars shall also be investigated as well as lag unit if hours or days, there might be differences on how lag calendars and durations are stored. 
  • Calculation settings can also create problems. 

Some people believe that because P6 and Pertmaster are sold by the same company they are well integrated software, they are not.