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Upgrade from Pertmaster (Primavera Risk Analysis) 8.53 to 8.7.1. What is lost?

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Dennis Hanks
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Joined: 17 Apr 2007
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Just upgraded from 8.53 to 8.7.1 and tried to install the Capex module and Cost Loading modules - no joy.  The Risk Factors module seems to be pre-installed.  I cannot say that I ever used either of the modules, but curious if anyone else has and if they are located elsewhere. Also,  I cannot find any help references to 'conditional branching'.  I am almost positive that the feature was available in 8.53 (pretty sure it was part of a tutorial).  Where is it now? Any thoughts appreciated, thanks.


Dennis Hanks
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Joined: 17 Apr 2007
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Thanks Phil, I was beginning to doubt my sanity.  Too bad about conditional branching, I view that as a significant loss.  Nice to be able to go directly from P6.7 to PRA, but can see some real value of conditional branching in 'what-ifs'.  Not skilled enough in VB to address the issue.  Again, thanks.

PS:  Yes, I did miss the 8.6 to 8.7 discussion.

Philip Rawlings
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Hi Dennis

This is a large and serious topic. You have obviously missed the discussion as it arose between versions 8.6 and 8.7.

In PRA now there are no extra modules - everything is built in e.g. Risk Factors and Weather Module.

The conditional branching uou remember was implemented by using VBA which was delivered along with Pertmaster.  For various reasons, VBA cannot now be included with PRA, hence the removal of the tutorial. You can still do that sort (any many other sorts) by using VBA in Excel or VB or C++ (you can usee VB6 20101 Express which is free) as the COM 'hooks' are still there in PRA, but it is very much slower as the interface is external rather than internal. You could in theory go back to 8.6 which has VBA (if you can find it) but then you lose the bug fixes.

Not satisfactory I know; I have been fighting this one since October 2009.

You can find more discussion on the Pertmaster User Group at

Phil Rawlings

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