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Pertmaster: Return on Investment Studies

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Is anyone aware of any studies or literature related to return-on-investment for Pertmaster or other risk assessment software? I am looking for ways to pitch the service, and would like to be able to point to examples of how use of probability based risk assessments have saved projects time and money. Anecdotal information is nice, but anything industry wide?


Mohamed Thabet
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Am currently doing a presentation for my CEO to purchase the Pertmaster software and start to use it as a risk management tool, exactly as Omar has just said in his previous post, the software does not eliminate project risks, it is just getting your team ready to deal with them.

If you would like to receive it, just send me your mail address.


Omar Grant
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I appreciate your difficulty; I am old enough to remember having to jump through the same hoops years ago to justify buying a PC and planning software and the difficulty in proving the ’benefits’ from ’real’ examples. I would tend to look for summaries of projects which have failed their time/cost objectives as a warning of failure to carry out adequate risk analysis (and allow for). There are plenty of papers etc on the web which state large percentages of such failures - try google. Compared to the cost of Pertmaster a schedule and/or cost failure is extremely more expensive. The other line to push is the awareness of risk that the use of such software will bring to your project team - after all, risk analysis won’t take away the risks or reduce schedule or cost of itself - what it does do is create an awareness of potential problems and the chance to set alternatives/contingencies in advance.