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Queries on where to go from here

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Benjamin Feng
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I am presently at the point in time where I need to decide what and how I want to continue to develop.

Just a little introduction about my background, I have a degree in Civil Engineering and have approximately 10 years experience as a Project Planner in the following industries, 5 in the Ship Building and 5 in the Subsea Manufacturing Industry. I have been through several projects in both industries and am presently working as a contract planning engineer in a shipyard. I am presently at the crossroads of whether I should continue fleshing out my experience in the industry or divert away.

I am currently seeking to develop as a claims analyst / Project Controls but unfortunately at present at am a lost as to how to best achieve that goal.

Would greatly appreciate any advice as to what sort of courses/certifications that I might require and/or what viable career steps I can take to move towards that direction.




Benjamin Feng
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Thanks for your kind advise.

it's been almost 4 years since i last posted my question.

During these 4 years i took up the following courses:

  • Membership Course for the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators
  • Google Data Analytics Certification conducted by Coursera. (Ongoing)

During this period i have also expanded by experiences as follows:

  • 5 years in Subsea Equipment Manufacturing
  • 5 years in Ship Building
  • 3 years in Baggage Handling Systems.

I was fortunate enough to recently land a role as a Project Controller and hopefully will be able to meet up to the expectations the company has afforded me.

That said i'm looking to either take up some accounting related courses / agile or scrum methodology courses.

Am also definitely looking into AACEi PSP or the PMI-SP as suggested as a possibility.

Would greatly appreciate any advice on whether I am headed in the right direction and what further steps should i take to move my career along.

Thanks in advance.


Patrick Weaver
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Claims tend to be the realm of qualified experts working for consultancies engaged by lawyers.  Generally, people working in support roles don't get paid much compared to field schedulers, recognized experts get very well paid. 

Your starting point needs to be either the AACEi PSP or the PMI-SP to qualify you as an expert (but this also depends on where you are working). The best claims resources are published by AACEi and/or the UK Society of Construction Law. 

An understanding of law and legal process is also needed and affects how experts function - this depends on your area of work.

Then you need to get lucky......

Gary Moffatt
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Looking at my horridly long resume and asking what I could have done better when at your stage I think I have to say I should have looked for a small contractor with whom I would have had an expanded role. More management experience, more personal responsibility, and more involvement in the company. I studied the PMP materials at one point and it made me awair of just how narrow a place I was in. Good luck.