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Need Help.... Fast!

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jack nash
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Hi can anybody help! I presently have a planner out on a Nuclear Power Plant Construction Site. He is a bit over his head and I want to help him get back on track, I am going to pull him back into the office back in Edinburgh (UK) and am looking for anyone with Nuclear experience that can sit down and go over the project with him for a week before I send him back out. He,s a top guy and I dont want to loose him so If anybody wants to earn a bit for a week and help me out Id be gratefull.

you can e mail me at


James Griffiths
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Hi Jack,

Which station is he on? Dounreay, Hunterston, Sellafield?

We currently have installations occurring at Dounreay and Hunterston, but this is the internal handling machinery for the drums in the new ILW storage facility. We designed the stuff, but whether this is the expertise that you’re looking for, I’m not sure.

What sort of issues are you concerned about? I’d be more than happy to view the programme and advise. If desired, send me a private message.