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I have recently completed my P3e course and i am finding it difficult to find employment in this field.I have over 10 years experience in Site Management which i thought would be looked on favourably by employers but because of my lack of experience i am not sure of my next move. I would be grateful for any advice.

Jye. S


Bhavinbhai Lakhani
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Finding employment after completing a course like P3e can indeed be challenging, especially if you're transitioning into a new field despite having significant experience in Site Management. Here are some steps and advice that might help you navigate this situation:

Highlight Transferable Skills: Even though you may be new to P3e, emphasize the skills and knowledge you gained during your 10+ years in Site Management. Skills such as project planning, coordination, budget management, risk assessment, and team leadership are highly transferable and valuable in project management roles.

Certification Emphasis: While your experience in Site Management is substantial, obtaining certifications related to P3e or project management (if you haven't already) can bolster your credibility and demonstrate your commitment to the field. Consider certifications such as PMP (Project Management Professional), PRINCE2, or specific certifications related to P3e depending on your region and industry.

Network and Connections: Leverage your existing network and connections from your years in Site Management. Reach out to former colleagues, industry contacts, and attend networking events or professional association meetings related to project management. Networking can often lead to job opportunities or valuable advice from others in the field.

Targeted Job Search: Be strategic in your job search efforts. Focus on roles that value both your Site Management experience and your newly acquired P3e knowledge. Look for job postings that explicitly mention skills or experience in project planning, scheduling, or using project management software/tools.


By combining your extensive Site Management experience with your recent P3e course, demonstrating your commitment through certifications, networking effectively, and targeting your job search, you can increase your chances of finding employment in project management. Remember to leverage your strengths and adaptability as you navigate this transition period in your career.

eileen william
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Yes do not see yourself down. You have good enough experience and everything so go for a job which you really feels good. 

Raji Umapathy Raj...
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i am raji Umapathy, working Oil & Gas Industry last ten year in project Planning ( site & corporate level), i looking good oppetunity  any suitable vaccancy available please mail me


thansk and regards



Shahzad Munawar
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In Uk, there are number of recruiters who may refer you a good job opportunity based on your experience.

Some are here on Planning Planet Job page whereas for others you may use Google
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Marcio Sampaio
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I suggest u to see Job Page here on PP.

John Lawson
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Just keep sending off your CV to any job that looks suitable, be fully flexable in your location for work, try contracting rather than staff type jobs. You will eventually get lucky, best of luck.