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Calling on help from more experienced planners.

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Dear All,

I am just starting my career in the planning world, i am British (male 23yrs old) with a good degree from a good uni in the uk in Business management. I have been lucky enough to get work experince on a oil and gas project in Singapore on a large FPSO. I have done a course in P3 and use it daily at work. My work experince is for 6 months and after this I will be released into the big wide world of planning.

I am now into week 10 of my work experience and am capable of forming plans, coding, progressing, s curves, resourcing, costing and numerous forms of different ways of manipulating the plan.

I am trying hard to become very fluid on all microsoft application (excel, access, PP,) to up my level of being able to display data in relevant and informative ways.

I am asking for your experience of planning to advise me with what other skills i should make sure i have before i leave this work experience to allow me to be employable as a junior planner. I would like to stay in the Gas and Oil side of Planning.

Questions i would like answering are:

- Best way to look for a job, where, when & how sort of thing.
- Best way to forward and progress my career upwards
- What exactly would you expect a junior planner to be capable of?
- I like travelling so foriegn posting are what i would love, how to shape my career as an expat?
- Are there any web sites that are useful to planners?

I kow this is a lot of questions to ask, but i am findin little guidance and would greatly appreciate any help and advice from you all.

Kindest regards

David Smith


Azer Jabbarov
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Guys, it is very easy.
You go to site. There in a ’select the country’ box you choose Azerbaijan. From there you can both learn about BP’s activities in Azerbaijan and contact with them.

Regards, Azer
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Dear Azer,

Are tere places for Planners with you? If so i will apply. Thank you for your help.

Dear Oliver,

I will indead also give you a ring over the next ring over the next week for a chat and your help and advise woul dbe greatly appreciated.

Thank you both for your help

David Smith
Azer Jabbarov
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Apply to BP and come to Azerbaijan.