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Project Controls Expo Australia 2022

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Patrick Weaver
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I will be busy helping run PGCS 2022 in Canberra next week (16th to 18th August).  It is shaping up to be a great event with over 400 people signed up to attend:  Then my focus will shift to Project Controls Expo Australia 2022!


Project Controls Expo Australia 2022 will run from 29th to 30th November and has a packed program totally focused on project controls.  I will be busy on both days:

On the 29th in the ‘back to basic’s zone’ my session is: EVM – it’s not as hard as you think! This session will look at establishing and operating and running an EVMS, based on Australian Standard AS4817:2019 (the Australian adoption of ISO 21508), using simple tools. The session will briefly cover:
-  Understanding EVM, what it is, and what it is not.
-  Define the key elements and objectives of EVM
-  Demonstrate the creation, and use of EVM on a small bridge project.

 If you cannot make the session most of the information is available from:

Then on the 30th I will be looking at a major challenge to traditional CPM and forensic assessment in: Scheduling Challenges in Horizontally Distributed Projects

Horizontally distributed projects have two dominant characteristics, the majority of the work is comprised of a series of physically separated units that are similar or identical in design, and the logical dependencies between the different units are either non-existent or minimal (think of an off-shore wind farm).

This presentation will define the concept of a ‘horizontally distributed project’, and then based on some practical examples, highlight the challenges of assessing delay and disruption based on traditional paradigms of CPM scheduling.  It will conclude by offering suggested ways to adapt project controls and contractual requirements to provide a sensible assessment of project delays.

As soon as PGCS is over, finishing the research and writing this presentation is my next challenge. More to follow on this later.....