Project Controls Manager | Lead - Senior Planning Engineer Pursuing New Opportunities, Arab Engineering Bureau, Military Camps, office and residential buildings, Qatar FIFA 2022, Qatar Rail, Villas

START Date: 
September, 2009
Goal oriented professional with over 15 years ofextensive experience in Project Management, ProjectControl, Cost Engineering, Planning, Scheduling andContract Administration in the construction industry.Proficient in Delay Analysis, Delay Classifications andDelay Tools and Techniques using the latest globallyrecommended practices recommended by PMI, AACEInternational (29R-03 Forensic Schedule Analysis) &Society of Construction Law (SCL) with vast involvementin managing extension of time claims consideringdifferent types of bespoke contracts. Good experiencewith contractor, consultant and client sides. Equippedwith present construction technology knowledge andsystems in compliance with quality standards and wellversedwith the current Government/StatutoryAuthorities Approval and processes in Qatar.Comprehensive experience in Pre-contract & Postcontractservices for various types of project. A keenproject controller, strategist and implementer.
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