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Tips for aspiring Project Manager?

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Kit Guinhawa
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What tips can you give for a new Project Manager?

I saw this article ( with some useful tips, but I want to hear your real-life tips and experiences especially on the issues you've encountered when starting as a project manager.

Hope to hear from you all.


Sarah Wale
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For someone with no project management experience long meetings, paperwork, supervision, delays, stakeholders, scope creepe all this can seem to be an overwhelmingly daunting exercise.

To assist new aspiring project managers , I would suggest an article which summarised the top ten steps you must follow to become a successful project manager. 

Hope this helps.

Have a successful journey! 

Alexandre Antonios
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Please find below some useful tips: 

1) Project: People do projects for people
- Connect people to people
- Awareness of leadership styles, integrated project cultures & procurement mechanics

2) Scope: Design a vision committed to a mission
Orientate the team (people) on an output destined for a pool of stakeholders (people)
- Lead the project's efforts to the final goal(s)

3) Activity: Proactive approach
- Knowledge Management along with dynamic capabilities, learning processes and practical knowledge
- Data-mining & selecting/morphing best practices within the industry

4) Additionnal : Sociopolitical  factors
- Take into consideration international standards, local laws & cultural practices
- Aknowledge the geopolitical mechanics of the area of operations

  • Drawing a contract before a project can help you in the design of the project in itself
  • Project Management softwares are powerful tools to manage projects
  • Project Management is a dynamic iteration of processess and conditions
  • Project Focus & Realistic Terms are essential elements in the project's risk estimation


Best regards,

Jaga deesan
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Dear Mr. Kit Guinhawa,

Please may view basic progress measurement concepts of EPC Project from the following YouTube Channel, which will give strong foundation for those who aspiring to be a Project Manager.

RJ Project Control



R. Jagadeesan