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Re: cross-project resource management

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Tomas Rivera
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Bill: How about using a scheduling software like P3 (Primavera Project Planner) or P3e (Primavera Project Planner for the Enterprise)? You might consider them expensive for your needs, but those are the ones I use and cannot talk about other software packages. With Primavera you can schedule your projects using diferent calendars, set up resources with diferent calendars and availability limits, allocate resources to activities, allocate priority to projects or activities, define resource leveling options, define leveling criteria and then resource level all your projects at the same time drawing resources from your company pool. Are these the kind of things you need to do? Tomas Rivera


Se de Leon
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If you're having problems convincing your management to buy Primavera you can opt for MS Project. Based on the situation you described, using either Primavera or MS Project can solve your difficulty with resource allocation. Don't use any spreadsheet software, it would just eat up you time and it will not be responsive to your needs as far as your problem is concerned.
Forum Guest
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well, yes, those sound like great tools, but actually convincing management to buy will be harder. I was thinking more along the lines of using spread sheets or something similar. I am really interested in the steps, the procedure, one follows to do it. I assume an article about it would have some samples. If I cannot find any suggestions, I will just do this the way I see it, which may not be as well thought out. Bill