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Error in Login - User already log on..

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Raymund de Laza
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Hi to All,

I have experience some error in login to P6 as follows:

I have regularly using the P6 client from a server and suddenly one day i got an error in login saying... "The user already log in..."

What was the cause of it and How to resolve?

Thanks in advance and appreciate much the help...




Pavan Kumar
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see page number 13 to 17 with heading "Manually Running your Background Jobs"


Arun R
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"the user is already logged in primavera." I have also experienced the same error. But that was due to the changing of computer name. Actually i changed the computer name & restarted the computer without closing the primavera which was actually opened there. After when the system opened & when I tried to log in "the user is already logged in primavera" this error was showing. First i am very confused in this problem & checked all the websites for solution. Then i remenber about this computer name changing done by me. Then i again set the computer name to old one and restarted the computer. Also i closed and started the database also. After that my primavera P6 V7 was loggined without any problem.

          Hope this may help somebody in future....

Muhammad Mehmood
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Hi Folks,

When you guys have a minute, can you please advise how cam i remove someone from the database table (USESSION)?

Thanks and Regards,




Peter Ayre
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If you get this message on a local Oracle XE database (as will happen if your computer crashes), a simple solution that worked for me was to stop the database and restart it. This can be done from the Oracle folder in All Programs.

Somasundaram K
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Hi Andy,

The problem is that, you have not logged out properly from the Primavera application. Primavera stores the logged in user information in a table USESSION. So you will have to manually delete the values within USESSION table (For that specific user though). That should solve your problem.





Andy Power
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If you have access to the Oracle knowledge base there are instructions that you DB administrator can use to end your locked out session and allow you to log in again.

Raymund de Laza
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Thanks for the response.

I am suspecting that while I was log in, the server had been reset or been down. Then when I try to log on again with the same user.. the error appears.

All I did is to use another user and successfully log in.


Thank you.


Jorge Taguinod
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Several causes are possible...

1.  You are already logged in on another computer.

2.  You have not properly logged off in a previous session.  In my experience, our IT has set the system to auto-kick your account when it's been in this situation for 2 hours.