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P6 Installation >> Error Creating Project Management Database. Error 2

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Pongthep Plodpluang
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Hi All,

I'm new to this forum, seeking for solution for the above error. I try to install P6.2 standalone on Windows 7 32 bit. I have gone through several install/uninstall without success.

I start form running setup from installation pack, follow step by step with no error, I observed SQL database was built and started from status line. It also shows that SQL Express 2005 database was successfully installed. Now a tricky part is that when it installs Project Management & Methodology Management and at the most end where it try to config new database the following errors are displayed one after another with just one option to click on "OK"

Error Creating Project Management Database. Error 2

Error Creating Methodology Management Database. Error 2

Then it shows "Database alias PMDB exists. Do you want to create?   YES/NO" and again "Database alias MMDB exists. Do you want to create? YES/NO"  I have tried both YES & NO then it shows "Setup has finished installing P 6.2 on your computer.


Now when I what to open local PMDB it shows error Unable to connect to database  Would you like to configure the database connection now?   the same issue as other people have, I cannot connect to local database. However I can still connect to database on the SQL server and work smoothly.


I really need local database for trial & error, it is very useful for me.   Last time when I upgrade from P5 to P6.2 there is no error at all thought it was on XP.

Any can give a little light? 

Your advise is much appreciate 









Alexandre Faulx-B...
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I am not sure Primavera P6.2 is working with Windows 7; you should try to start the software with Windows XP SP3 compatibility.

If this does not work either, you will install a virtual machine (Oracle VirtualBox) with Windows XP and use P6.2 this way.


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Dear all,

I am also struggling with the same problem as above posted by my friend PTP.


Expecting earliest and favourable response from any one.


My advance thanks to you.



Rajasekar PT