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update progress vs apply actuals

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osman nuri ekiz
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Dear all,

Can anybody tell me the difference between update progress and apply actuals? Thanks in advance...


Khuong Do
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I wrote an article regarding Automatically update progress in Primavera: The difference between Apply Actuals and Update Progress

Kindly read it here :


Rav B
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Hi Osman,

These are different ways of updating in P6

1. Using Update progress, u can define data date and manually update the highlighted or selected activities.

2. If u use Apply Actuals, then only activities with resources are updated and non-resourced activities or milestones need to be updated manually.

3. There is one more option of updating using Progress Spotlight. But, progress soptlight uses planned start and planned finish dates and not early start and early finish dates.

So, if u r updating a project and has actual start date and early finish date is different than planned finish date, then actual start may change and actual finish NE Early finish.

Run a global change then to set planned dates EQ Early dates before using progress spotlight.
osman nuri ekiz
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you mean when we apply actuals by changing date and duration of each activity from activity status window and then click "apply actuals", activites that are updated by us will bi scheduled? but when we update progress, all of the activities will be scheduled?
Alaa Al haj
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update progress - plan progress
apply actual - Actual Progress