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Any way to print Step activities together with main act

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abbas india
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Dear friends,

Anybody knows how to print Step activities together with main activities?

Awaiting for your responses.



Rafael Davila
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Cindy Hammack
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Create a reports in the report wizard. You can add all the columns and information you want. We’re about to start using them for routing and pick sheets. One of the lesser - yet powerful - functions of P6 if you know how to use them. Also, when creating the steps use a description of each step to make it less ambiguous and provide detailed requirements for the step.
Ellyn Gilbride
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Hello, Abbas. You can create a report showing activities, steps and step detail.


Wilfredo Jr. Flores
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Hi Abbas,

There’s no way to print the steps activities together with the main activity, however, you can highlight the steps then copy, paste to excel then modify / add the main activity