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P6 Internal_plugins ERROR message

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James Braghini
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When seleting Claimdigger we get the following error message:


We have checked the string and found the file INTERNAL_PLUGINS.XML.

Has anyone else had the problem and if so, can you give us a solution or idea of what we need to do.

James Braghini


Samba Siva Rao
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Hi Douglas Byles,


Any answer for the above issue/error. I'm having nightmare with this. Please help me on this.





Douglas Byles
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This is interesting James.

We get the same message now when we try to "Update" a baseline. This only changed recently.

The POINT website tells me this is due to my read/write access authority to the directory, but I have full access and can paste, copy and edit any file in the directory.

I will be trying to contact Primavera Live Help today in Australia and will let you know if we identify any unusual issues.