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PMX files are these now XER files

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Jonathan Ward
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Good afternoon one and all,

I have relatively recently joined P3e following a long stint on P3,, must say I’m quite enjoyin things thus far,, I have a random question that would be hugely appreciated if answered.

We have a large number of File/Projects within our directory (enterprise)these files shall be totally replaced with the same number of files that shall re-use the previous names,, to cut a long story short,,can I create a PMX file (as in P3) are these now called XER files that need to be ’checked-out’?

once again, many thanks



Alexandre Faulx-B...
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XER files are containers for projects being exported from PM4/5/6.
One XER file may contain one or several projects.
P3’s PRX files are compressed (zipped) backup files containing the 23 files of only one single P3 project each.
Hope this helps,
Merry Xmas and Happy New Year,