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P6 Sample Projects

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Could somebody please send me .xer files of the sample projects that installs with P6.

I would really appreciate any help with this.

Thank You,

Arend Kok.


Carey Horowitz
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Can anyone send me an xer of the default sample project for ver7.





Thanks for your help!


I just checked with our installation cd. It’s there.
Insert into cd drive --> Wait a little ("Autorun") --> Install Other Tools" --> "Server Database" --> Install...
This will install a new database onto your pc and if you mark "With sample project", inclusive the example projects. You’ll need the license file for this action.

Good luck!

Thanks for the reply.

That was the first place I checked, because I know that is where you could do it with P3. But the option is not there for P6.1.

Now I could uninstall and reinstall. But I think it would be much simpler just to import.
Those are on your installation cd. You can install a different database with the sample projects - or let IT install - under "additional components" - or similar.