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e-PSO - A Unique Project Management Tool

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e-PSO is unique in that it automates the flow of project and programme processes (workflow engine), stores all project activity centrally (knowledge repository) and takes the labour-intensity out of reporting by providing dynamic progress, risk and issues status information (information centre), at the click of a mouse (browser based). It is based on PRINCE2 best working practise with flexibility built in. e-PSO could act as a powerful catalyst for introducing new processes, being electronically embedded into the project working culture. It makes it easy for staff to use by presenting the right templates to the right project staff at the right time in the cycle. That is reducing any uncertainty, the admin, the paper handling and the need to plough thru manuals whilst ensuring best working practise is adopted by all concerned.

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Heres a suggestion for all such (unsolicited ?) advertisers ...

As planningplanet is a forum for the worlds planners, why dont you "put your money where your mouth is" and offer planningplanet, say, six free copies for evaluation, so your product can be reviewed by your prospective market ?

Guys, this could become a "New Products" forum ?