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Implementing PRINCE2 and a PSO

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Graham Field
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I am trying to set-up a project support office and rolling out Prince2 processes at the same time. Does anyone have any comments on the best way to proceed. I was proposing to only implement PIDs, High level Project plans, risks, Issues and Lessons learnt in the first roll-out followed by the QA/QR processes in a second phase.


Gary Lister
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where can i find your project magazine.
Mark Lomas
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There are also some good forums and templates on Prince2 at Crazy Colour website.
Alvin Gardiner
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See my article in this months project magazine. I would suggest your way forward is dependent on a number of things
- Senior Management Support
- Level of knowledge of P2 in your organisation
- Willingness to work to a structure Project Management methodology
- experience level of Project Managers

I would suggest that Business Cases are key elements for Projects. Do you have templates. Let me know and perhaps I can provide some