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Pocket PC

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Mark Lomas
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Any software (none from Primavera) useful for P3 on the PDA ?


Ed van der Tak
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If youre PDA supports i-net, then java applications should work!?

I know that even PSion supported java pages and would be able to browse through i-net pages using the normal i-net primavera software for progress update and time reporting.


Ed van der Tak
ARAM Planning Consultants
The Netherlands
Paul McCarthy
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Just got some info from Primavera
about a new product called: Primavera Mobile Manager. It may be what you are looking for ?

There is some info on their website at:

Colin Cropley
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Take a look at the website of Effective Computer Solutions:

This product is apparently selling well and may be what you are looking for.
Robin Jongen
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There is within primavera only 1 program that can beused with the PDa and that’s in primavera Enterprise.

If you go to the site and download cystat you can use it on your PDA. Also the microsoft project has i think PDA solutions.

Go luck,


Robin Jongen