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Effect of a Crew on Productivity

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Ahmad AbdRabou
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I've multiple crews working on the same activity type, but diferent buildings.

Assume the are steel fixers and the overall productivity is 100kg/day for today, and by simple analysis, I found that 50% of crews (Group A) produced 150kg/day and the other 50% of the crews (Group B) produced 50kg/day.

Is it correct to say that Group B reduced the overall productivity by 30% ?

What is the mathematical bases for such calculation? because I want to expand the analysis.




Rafael Davila
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Rafael Davila
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Joined: 1 Mar 2004
Posts: 5169
  • Activity duration is a function of assigned resources and their production rates.
  • Individual resource productivity is not the same as team productivity. The production rate for a crew of 2 steel fixers is usually twice the production rate for a crew of 1 steel fixer but it can be other factor.
  • The production average production rate is a function of crew production rate, crew assgment and crew work hours.
  • If using Spider Project we can assign production rate at the activity level or at individual resources. Spider Project Production Type activityes, Multiresources as a Skill and resource leveling will automatically select best available crew and adjust activity durations per crew production rate.

2022-06-12-13-21-25-Activity-Gantt-Team-Productivity-01-1-Team-Productivity-01 hoover the thumbnail and click for a better view.

Good Luck.