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Budgeted Expense Cost & Budgeted Labor Cost

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Suhaila Tsu
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Dear Experts,

Could u please give some explaination on the Budgeted Expense Cost & Budgeted Labor Cost.

Do we need to have budgeted labor unit when we upload the  budgeted labor cost.

Please explain. 

Thank u so much in advance.


Suhaila Tsu
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Joined: 6 Jun 2011
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Mr Rodel Marasigan

Thank u so much for the reply & knowledge sharing

Rodel Marasigan
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Hi Suhaila,

In P6, Budget Expense Cost are usually the Preliminaries cost item in the project such as Project Overheads, Office Hire, Travels, Office cost, safety...etc. You can define your Expenses dictionaries under Admin--> Admin Categories--> Expenses Categories : See example below:

You can enter your budget Expenses on Activity under Details-->Expenses Tab. You can also assign a Cost Account if you are using P6 Cost Account features and defined the cost account categories. On this tab also where you can track/ update and enter actual expenses for each reporting cycle/ cut-off update of your schedule.

Budget Labor Cost is where you enter the all the labor components cost such as Indirect and Direct Cost belong to Project.
Budget Non-Labor Cost  is where you enter the all the non-labor components cost such as machine, tools, cranes, loader, franna,...etc, plant & equipment Cost belong to Project.
Budget Materials Cost is where you enter all the materials and major/ minor equipment, instrument purchased for the project.

Depending on the settings, units are may or may not required for entering budget Cost. If you de-link the Unit and Cost (Under Project [window] --> Detail--> Calculations Tab--> Update units when costs change on resouce assignment "not tick" and under Resource Assignment--> Calculate Cost from Units "not tick") then you don't need the labor or non-labor units.