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Info for after that fact baseline - reference for how long a parking lot light pole procurement should take?

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John Reeves
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Info for after that fact baseline - reference for how long a parking lot light pole procurement should take?  For example, is there a standard source to say what a "fair" duration would have been.  Due to circumstances - occasionally a fair after the fact baseline needs to be created, this is one of the pieces of info I need & if you can say it came from a reputable "source" it would make it more fair.  What is your estimate? I have scheduled for a while I would say 6 weeks, but would put 8 in my schedule - just off the top of my head.


Zoltan Palffy
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a lot of this depends on who is manfaturing the light pole or if they are already in stock. 

 Call several manufactures or suppliers of the light poles and get durations.

Look at the longest duration and look at the shortest duration and then pick somewhere in the middle.

so your 8 weeks and 6 weeks would be 7 weeks.

However in doing the procurement buyout there should be terms and conditions of the procurment or deliver times. 

Also depending on how big the parking lot is you probally do not want all of the poles delivered at the same time as this wil cause a laydown situation I am assuming that the poles are at least 20 ft. 

By having a bunch of poles laying around they are more likely to be damaged. So you probally want to get get them delivered in multiple shippments.

So the question is how long from the approved submitals can the 1st shippment of light poles be delivered ?