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Alternatives to lags and dummy activities

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Brian Walkin
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I haven't seen a good answer to this in the general forum and would really like to know the accepted theory or best practice.

Example the engineering specification for a piece of equipment is available in M2, lets say it happens to be one of the first items to be designed. The procurement process means a purchase can be made in M4. The lead time is 4 months and so it will be available for delivery to site at M8. I only need to install that item in M16.

The client spec does not let me use leads and lags and the us of the "As late as possible" constraint should not be used. I dont think a "start after date" constraint is approriate.

What is the proper way to schedule this that isn't a work around.





Zoltan Palffy
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add the activites that get you from engineering to installation

Mike Testro
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Hi Brian

Set up a sub chart and put the tasks and duration into a procurement cascade.

Then link the last task to your installation task - you will have some float availabl.

Best regards Mike Testro

Alexandre Faulx-B...
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When I was working for the US State Dept, I was not allowed to use lead, lags and date constraints; I used dummy tasks instead.

You could assign a specific calendar to these dummy tasks, e.g. 7/7 or 24/24