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delay and out of sequence TEST

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Abderrahim OUBDI
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I have done a test updating the schedule at a specific data date (last week):

1- Updating without correcting the out of sequence activities----> result: 32 days of delay

2- Updating with correcting the out of sequence -----> result: 10 days of delay.

Question: Do I have the right to make the correction of out of sequence to meet the actual scenario on the site in order to give an accurate data or I should not make any changes in the current schedule.??


Zoltan Palffy
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You have the right to make the correction of out of sequence work. 

The update should reflect real world conditions. 

Also in your update narrative I would state what I did and why I did it 

If you did not correct it your would be over inflating your dealy.

From an owners perspectivie he gladly embrace the shorter delay.