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Re-baselining in MS Project 2010

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Tor Christian Skauge
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Hi, all.

I have moved from Primavera P6 to MS Project 2010.

Now I am in the process of rebaselining my plan in MSP, but I am facing a challenge:

I want the Actual Cost up to this point to be the starting point of the new Progress Curve (Cost based), but this is not so easy for me.

I have set the Status Date to the correct date (in few days into the future), and run the "Reschedule uncompleted work to start after: <Status Date>".

I proceed to analyse the Task Usage View with respect to Cumulative Cost, and I find that there is deviation between the Actual Cost and the Cumulative Cost. Upon further analysis I find that the deviation starts at the same time as one of my active tasks. It seems that the new Cumulative Cost is already taking competed work of the active tasks into consideration.

How do I proceed so that my Cumulative Cost (at Status Date) is the same as the Actual Cost (at Status Date)?

I have no resources assigned and I use "Physical % Complete" as Earned Value Method.

It's worth to mention that I am not that experienced with MS Project 2010, but I need to learn this.


MPUG Global
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Here are some Microsoft Project baselining best practices that may be helpful to you:  Microsoft Project Baselining Best Practices