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The Practical Use of Site Progress Mobile App by Asta

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Jon Compton
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I’m hoping that someone can help with the following….

Has anyone managed to use the Site Progress Mobile App from Asta successfully?

Can the data be backed up to local server instead of using an iCloud?

Is there other methods used that can have a copy of the programme that can be progressed out on site via tablet/iPad..?


Jon Compton 


Ben Taunt
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Hi Jon,

There are several firms who have adopted Site Progress Mobile already - perhaps you could contact us directly if you want to talk through their experiences?

Unfortunately, the system does require the project file to be hosted in our cloud server.  This is actually a secure Windows Azure environment, not iCloud.  You may have seen demonstrations of our previous Site Progress tool which did require the use of the client's servers and this was often one of the big drawbacks for companies that didn't have such an infrastructure - the new tool isn't reliant on needing your own servers and IT expertise.  This makes the whole setup so much easier as you don't need to configure both your Site Progress Manager tool nor the mobile app to know where the servers are etc - it just works out of the box.

The only other way I'm aware of users updating a programme on a tablet is using an Excel style application such as Pages.  You can copy your columns into Excel, save into Dropbox or such like and then open this file on the device in Pages.  Updates can then be typed into the progress column.  However, using the Site Progress Mobile system means configurations like progress periods are easier to manage, photos can be linked to tasks, sliders used to indicate partial completion or a ticksheet created for quick 100% complete recording.

Let us know if you want to arrange to trial the tool,


Ben @ Asta