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Complex Engineering Projects; most effective corrective actions to improve on delivery date - Research

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Rob Vankalsbeek
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Dear planners! I would appreciate your support with the following; There is still space for improvement in the timely delivery of complex engineering projects. I request your view on how to contribute to this aim. The importance of planning and controls is still massively underrated, that is why I am writing my dissertation on planning. We know there have been multiple attempts to tackle the issue of timely delivery, but more progress can be made. So I would like to get to the heart of the matter by contacting the specialists planning engineers. In a broad sense the focus of my questionnaire will be on; ‘Identification of the most effective corrective actions for delayed complex engineering projects.’ I am studying for my Master of Science in Engineering with the Open University in the UK. My experience in the past 10 years consists of working on engineering contacts as project planner, project engineer and project manager. I am currently developing a questionnaire, my question for you is: What would be to best way to reach experienced planning and control engineers, who would be willing to respond to a survey on complex engineering projects? I look forward to hear from you. Many thanks for your support! Rob Vankalsbeek