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Performance % Complete Vs Schedule % Complete from contractor point of view

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haytham saad
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hi all,

i'm new in planning field i'll be having a lot of questions soon and i hope all of you to help me , tnxx

my question is what is more helpful for the contractor in monitoring progress ( Performance % Complete Vs Schedule % Complete ) and why ????


Rafael Davila
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Johannes Vandenberg
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Hi Haytham

You can measure and monitor progress in many different options. Since you are new in planning, i suggest that you start with the following.

  • Monitor progress in time. Check the Schedule Variance. This is the difference between the planned, the assigned baseline, and the actual progress.
  • Monitor progress in volume. Check the schedule % completion versus the performance % completion.  The schedule % completion is the planned progress and the performance is the actual achieved progress.

Regards Johannes