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Construction sequence for a steel building?

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Abimbola Adewale
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Can anyone please help me out with the construction sequence for a substructure (Pile foundation) and superstructure of a 13-storey steel building? 

The substructure should please include, excavations & foundations, drainage and external works. And the superstructure sholud include, Steel frame, staircases, lift shaft and concrete floors.

Any information will be extremely valuabe to me. 

My email,if necessary,



Luke Cresswell
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Hi there, 

I am stuck on a similar topic and need to produce a gantt chart that has to be within a 26 week period so overlapping or working in parallel is in order. If the build sequence is still available it would be great if you could send it to

Thank you. 

Abimbola Adewale
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Thanks David, Rafael and Ashik.

Really appreciate your help. From the bottom of my heart, I say thank you so much. Cheers.

Rafael Davila
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Steel Structure construction schedule will depend on the design in particular bracing design. Usually there are two bracing designs; bracing by mean of concrete core(s), bracing by steel members spanning several floors. There is also a possibility of a combination of the two methods.

You shall look at the structural drawings and structural notes to find out if there are restrictions other than the usual.

Please note I am not adding "soft links" as to force resource leveling as I consider it bad practice even when over 90% of our schedulers do it, perhaps because of poor software or because of poor scheduling culture. In any case combining soft links with resource leveling is considered bad practice by most schedulers.

The following are two sample files that might need to be adjusted to actual design and structural requirements. Just to give you an idea on the level of detail I would use.

If braced by means of concrete core(s) formed and poured using slip forms, if no slip form is used then some extra links shall be added as to keep the core ahead but close to the steel structure for scaffolding.

 photo SS01_zps2ab80c32.jpg

If braced by means of steel bracing:

 photo STframing_zps369a30c6.jpg

Usually concrete cannot be poured until the levels to be concreted are braced.

 photo SS02_zps65eb9b32.jpg

For the substructure I do not have enough detail but about the piles it might be you have to drive hundreds of piles. Therefore I would not go into the garnularity of scheduling the subactivities that go into the piling operation of each individual pile. I would keep it within the following breakdown of overlaped activities.

 photo substructure_zps5221df5b.jpg

The Empire State Building is a marvel of engineering and architecture, and it occupies a unique place in the history of construction companies and construction management. Not only was the 1453-foot, 103-story structure built in just over 13 months, the construction company that took on the daunting job allegedly began with nothing on hand - no equipment or supplies that would be sufficient for such an enormous undertaking. How they accomplished the task is a case study in early, successful commercial construction management.

Well, they did it with a slide rule, not with some modern CPM software, some notorious for their Bugs and installation problems. If it takes you more than 2 minutes to install or update your software you are using a tool that most probably is going to create more problems than scheduling with a slide rule.

David Craig
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Hi Abimbola,

I think I may be able to help with the substructure element of your question. A sequence I have used previously is as follows:


  • Set out pile location
  • Drill pile
  • Installation of pile
  • Excavate and blind for pilecap
  • Install handrails or physical barrier for excvation
  • Break piles
  • Construct reinforcement bar cage (Reo)
  • Survey
  • Installation of reinforcement bar cage
  • Installation of formwork
  • Pour concrete
  • Setting period

I have all of this on a finish to start logic. Im no expert but im sure this is along the correct lines.


Kind Regards,


David Craig