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Conversion of Equipment Hours to Manhours

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kier legard
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Hi to All,

Is there any standard practice to convert equipment hrs to manhours.We have a project where we are requested to load the schedule with manhours. What should be the proper way of loading activities in manhours which requires extensive equipment but only use few manhours.Do I have to convert the equipmenthours to manhours in terms of cost?




Mukesh Jain
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if you want to convert equipment hours to equivalent std. manhours, check per hour cost of equipment and std. manhours. if equipment cost in n times of manhour cost , it means equipment manhours is equal to "n" std. manhours.


James Barnes
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the standard practice afaik is to assign a resource, for example "crane" and then apply it separately to the activities where it is required. Thus you may have the activity "hoist materials to roof" which requires 3H for Labourers, 1H for a rigger to fix the load and 2H for the crane to standby while the load is being fixed then perform the hoist. Each of these resources can be assigned a cost per hour, which will effectively weight them for earned value purposes.

Thus, you don’t convert equipment hours to Manhours as such, but instead you convert all types of hours to money or, as you say, in terms of cost.