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Drawback of P3 usage

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Shahzad Munawar
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It is noticed with great concern that P3 has a big flaw of auto saving. There should such command that the changes in P3 tool should not be auto saved without Planner’s consent as usually done in excel, word and MS project where these softwares ask before saving any data ?

What’s your opinion?


Bhuvaneswaran Vel...
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Also, autosaving is one of the good feature in the database management which will reduce our time for saving the records after periodical data entry.
Most of the other office softwares (even x-l, word) are also having the function of Autosaving by default while installation itself.
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P3 is a database software. I think most scheduling software is a database architecture.

In database design, data will be saved by press submit (form base input) or goto next record (table form input). Alternative, input data are save in a temporary location and will not sync the physical database until press save, which is your suggestion.

The disadvantage of the alternative is double a database structure and sharing is limited.