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Detailed Construction Schedule Requirements

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hello ,
i really thought about sharing ideas with all of u guys about what do u think regarding the requirements of a detailed project schedule that would be submitted by a contractor in a huge Tourist Development Project.....
in another way if u r a consultant and u request the contractor to submit a detailed schedule ...what will be ur requirements in that schedule that will help u easily monitoring it during construction....


Dayanidhi Dhandapany
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Hello Forum Guest,

I think the level of the detailed schedule depends on the size of a project, i.e Cost, time and complexity of the works. If the project is not complicated in nature, involving less money, are you willing to spend some months to trouble your subcons to prepare detailed schedule?

I hope this would help you.

Best Regards
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any other thoughts...??????

share ur idea....thanx in advance
Tomas Rivera
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Forum guest?:

I would point out the following concerns:

Does the contractor have the capability and/or experience to develop a detailed schedule (depth to be determined)?

How long would it take the contractor to develop a detailed construction schedule for a huge tourist development?

Is it worth it to spend so much time in planning and control?

Why would you need to have a detailed schedule?

Is time the primary concern of the project?

Do you have a tight completion date?

Are the complexity, risk and/or penalties for delay very high?

Do you expect few or many changes over the course of the project?

You might have evaluated the above items already and made up your mind. If not, go back and do it.

The answer to the questions above will give you an idea of the level of planning and control you need to make sure your project will finish on time, right from the start of the job. I would not develop a detailed schedule if it is going to be a burden on the project team. Many construction teams are not used to following detailed schedules. In this case, it would require some training to the project team to be able to properly use a detailed schedule to organize, direct, update and control such a schedule in a huge project.

In other words, has the contractor or some of the consultants have had prior experience on the level of detail you are proposing? If not, you are taking a risk, which should be evaluated.

As a final point, to develop a detailed schedule you need a finished design with the same level of detail you are considering.

Tomas Rivera
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Detailed scheduling and control
of high performance construction projects
Mark Lomas
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In the SCLs efforts on the Delay and Disruption protocol, they came up with a detailed specification for the project programme that would assist in resolving any later disputes. There has been much debate on the protocal (some of it here on PP). Whether you agree with the protocol not, the specification for the programme is useful guidance.
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I prefer the programme to be as detail as possible. Well agrue about if too much deep into details, need a lot of effort on monitoring.
My preference is due to I only accept one programme, no matter it is a very high level or front end. The print out are presentation only, all must be from on source. for a weekly rolling programme, all activity duration must less than 7. For monthly one, not more than a month, etc
All reports, by make use of WBS and codes, are summary to groups of activities.