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Books for planning in P3

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Sagar Agrawal
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Friends I am looking for a book for planning in Primaver both P3 and enterprize that would give me step by step planning process taking an example.

Could you recommend some books as i was not able to find any book that would give me a overall perview


Christine Miller
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There’s also a book called "Construction Scheduling with Primavera Enterprise, 2nd Edition", by David A. Marchman. It definitely could be used as a training manual for the application; it’s very step-by-step oriented. I have found it helpful in a general way, although there are enough differences between P3e and P3e/c to cause some frustration.

Hope this may be of some help to you!

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Forum Guest
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Mr Harris Book on P3 is a must-read. I have read it and it in and it is handy as a reference material. Please explore that.

Usman Bakundi
Morteza Jafari
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Dear Sagar

If you have P3 in your PC you can find P3 refrence and manual books in directory of P3, books are in PDF format, these book is very useful for learning.
Steven Oliver
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And it is an excellent book. Much better value than a training course. Highly recommended for people at all levels.
Paul Harris
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I have published a book on P3, details are available on my web site at

I am in the process of writting a book on P3e, it will not be ready for some time.


Paul E Harris