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Multi-schedule Program Summary Bar Cost Buckets - what does not work, what does? PPM vs EPPM vs cloud

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John Reeves
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Multi-schedule Program Summary Bar Cost Buckets - what does not work, what does?  PPM vs EPPM vs cloud vs citrix?  I feel like this has changed lately and that each of the 4 variants of P6 allow different bucket level of costs?  Can I put costs on Summary activities in all of these program variety types?


Zoltan Palffy
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you can also use a LOE but make sure that you assign a resource curve to the resource on the LOE or it wil stack all units and or costs for that resource for that LOE on the data date

Rodel Marasigan
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Of course you can assigned resources and cost to any of Primavera (P6) Platform on activity type WBS Summary activities. Please note that WBS Summary activities are ignored during the leveling process because the WBS summary activities dates is driven by WBS activity elements under the same WBS.