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P6 Professional R19.12 Importing a WBS from Excel

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Steven Montgomery
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I would like to import a WBS from MS Excel to P6 Professional. I attempted to do this by first exporting a P6 schedule to MS Excel so make sure I have the correct format. Unfortunately, P6 Professional does not import Excel data that has a column heading including an (*). This means P6 will not import WBS Path, WBS Name, and WBS Category. Also, for some reason I was unsuccessful importing the WBS Code as well.

What is the most efficient way to import a WBS from MS Excel to P6 Professional? My WBS is over 400 lines. I would also be nice to include the Summary Scope of Work with the WBS.

Am I better off manually inputing the WBS directly into P6 Professional?

Any input?




Mohammed Ali
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Rodel Marasigan
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Hi Steven,

You cannot use P6 import/export function in excel to create a WBS dictionary into P6 Project. The best way is to use the excel XER parser & builder. You can create a WBS dictionary for a project using this tools. But you need to learn how to use it first. See link for your reference. How to Import WBS using excel XER parser