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opening old P6 sql and sql lite databases when nobody knows the password

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John Reeves
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We don't have to deal with now with ver 18 as much.  I am refering to the previous versions that used SQL and SQL Lite - I have been a scheduler for 30 years, have never had data worthy of a password, and always had problems with this issue.   Imagine if every excel password had to have a password, its like that - rediculous.  IT people set up the databases and are long gone or don't recall the password - and on top of that is an "alias" that you also have to know and it makes for a terrible situation.  Plus it was common to get disconnected from the databases.  I googled it and the answers were not inspiring.  How can you open these when people don't know the password and alias.  PS, I have never understood the what why of the alias.  Why not just xer everything in and out?  -  Because of the quantity and size of files in this case.  I read you can put multiple P6's on one computer - don't believe it unless maybe you are an IT person.