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Show activity dates in EPS view in EPPM

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Chary Chary
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Dear all,

I have a need to see dates of some of the milestones of a project in EPS view in EPPMIn general 

In general I can see, that some of the dates can be shown in EPS view:

e.g. :

Start / Finish

BL Start / BL finish


But what if I create a Milestone1 for every project and then want to see for every project

Milestone1 Start

BL Milestone1 Start


can this be done?

If not, what is the way to achieve this? (I assume it can be done, by making some SQL query)




Santosh Bhat
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1) Use a Global Activity code or a UDF to flag all those milestones in each project.

2) Open all the projects - you can do this by opening an entire project node in projects view

3) Create a filter that selects only activities that have been flagged in 1) above

4) Group your activity layout to by EPS/WBS and tick the option Show Summaries Only

5) Use colours/fonts of the grouping bands to achieve the look you want and save this Activity layout.

Raymund de Laza
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You may use UDF.