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Restore P6 Pro Standalone (SQLite)

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Rana Ahmad Raza
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Dear Members,

I've P-6 file name as "PPMDBSQLite". This is only file as primavera database of all my projects. I want to access them on another PC. Could I access them? What should be the way to upload?

I'm worried about this because this is only backup file, I've from my previous computer. I need this because all projects are in this.

Your comments/suggestions / solutions will be appreciated.



Zoltan Palffy
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Steven you are correct MSSQLthanks for catching this 

Steven Auld
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For SQLite, Santosh is correct - find the file on your computer, copy to either a network drive or USB stick etc.
On the new location, when you open the login page, select add to add the new database, you can now select the existing database from there.
Make sure you select SQLite as database type.
The process Zoltan refers to is for MSSQL installations not SQLite.
Zoltan Palffy
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you can go into MSSQL and select backup and back it up to a thumb drive or somewhere and then on the new computer go into MSSQL and select restore and restore the database 

Santosh Bhat
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As its SQLite , that single file, is an entire P6 database. You can copy and rename it and you've replicated your entire database. If you want to move it to another PC, simply copy it and then point your new P6 client to the copied SQLite file.