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Database Cleanup - SQLlite - R8.4

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Andrew Sargent
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After reaching the 4GB limit on the XE database for the 1000th time I decided to just switch over to SQLlite. I have no reached the point where even my SQLlite database is bloated with POBS and old codes. Can someone tell me how to cleanup my sqllite DB? 


Zoltan Palffy
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there are several thing that you can do

1. Clean the POBS tables in the existing database here is how

Click on start All Programs, Microsoft SQl Server 2005, SLQ Server Management Studio

Authentication: Should be SQL Server Authentication

Login: sa

Password: Prima123Vera

Then click connect

Expand the database folder and click on pmdb$primavera

Then up top select new query

Then type this

delete POBS;

the right click and select execute

now you can close and exit out of sql

2. download this POBS cleaner adn clean every XER file prior to imporing it

3. You can exort the old projects as xer files save them to a thumb drive, an external hard drive or a network drive then delete these old projects.

4. You can create another database and stsrt to add NEW projects to that database 


David Kelly
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SQLite Management Studio. Don't leave home without it.