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The Original duration in days, varies from the difference between Start and Finish dates

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Dileep Sankar
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Hi All,

Pardon me if the topic has already been discussed in some other thread, I couldn't find it though.

I created a new project with a 14hr x 6 Working day calendar, and included all activities and their durations as well. As soon as I finished including the durations, I noticed that an activity having 36 days duration was starting on May 01st and ending on May 24th. I understand that this could be the effect of user/admin preferneces along the duration and time periods, but how can I modify it so that the activity takes 36 days of 14 hrs instead of 21 days with 14 hrs of work?

I intended the durations provided to be in days with 14 hrs of work as per the calendar, so the activity should obviously take 36 working days to complete. 

Please provide your valuable suggestions, 

Thanks and regards,



Tom Boyle
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1. Is your calendar's "Hours/Day" (in the calendar's Hours per Time Period window) still set on 8.0? 

2. If not, then check the Time Periods tab of the Admin Preferences to ensure that the box for "Use assigned calendar to specify the number of work hours for each time period" is checked.

It looks like your hours/day conversion factor was set to 8.0, and you have given the activity a duration of 36x8=288 hours.  After correcting the conversion factor, you may have to re-enter some affected durations.

Good luck.