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Completed activities but Physical Percent complete not 100%

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Pranab Kumar Deb
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Joined: 23 Jan 2007
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Hello Planners, 

I am using Primavera P6 Professional R8.4.

Some of the Activities which have been marked as completed do not show the Physical Percent complete as 100%. Is this a setting's Issue? 




Zoltan Palffy
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yes that make sense whne reporting progress you have 3 options to track your progress, duration % complete, physical % complete or units.

to fix this run a global change

where duration % complete is greater than 0

then Physcial % compelte = duration % complete

Pranab Kumar Deb
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Joined: 23 Jan 2007
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Hi David,

Thats right, Its a Oracle Vocab moment actually :)

You were right, I had actually selected the Setting, "Physical percent complete by activity step", thank you for pointing this out. In fact I had inherited a develped schedule which I just resource loaded with a level of activity at the lowest WBS level and for this project I had selected Physical percent complete based on activity step and I had put the rules of credit on the steps. Now, for this new project I just made a copy of that schedule and hence that setting got copied over.

Thanks David,






David Kelly
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A Vocabulary moment. In P6 an activity can be 100% complete, but not have a finish date and therefore be finished. These are two separate status.

When an Activity has an actual finish date, it is always 100% complete unless:

1) The activity has a physical % compete type, AND

2) In the calculations tab at the project level, the setting to calculate Physical % complete by the aggregation of an activity's steps is chosen