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P6 EPPM R8.2 - Connection of P6 Professional to Central EPPM Database

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Leonard Esber
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Hi colleagues,

I have some clarifications here,  I have successfully installed the P6 EPPM on a server with the following components:

1.) MS SQL Server 2005 Express

2.) Installed the P6 EPPM database

3.) Configured the P6 EPPM via Configuration Wizard

4.) Installed/created/edited the P6 Weblogic domain

5.) Deployed P6 Weblogic

With all of these, I can now access the P6 Web and view the dashboards.  Also I installed the P6 Professional client on the same server machine which whatever I do in this P6 Professional application like adding new projects, also appears in the web.

And then, I also installed a P6 Professional Client application on another machine(laptop) connecting to its installed local EPPM database so he doesn't have admin functions like EPS, OBS and Admin option in Menu Bar.  Still on this machine(laptop), I have also successfully connected to the P6 Web of the server I mentioned earlier through the same IP address, so whatever I do in the P6 Wed dashboards in the server, also appears to the other machine(laptop) in web access. 

But my question now are:

a.) If this machine(laptop) works offline using his P6 Professional, how can his updated projects can be seen in P6 Web? To the entire team?  Does he need to manually export and then import the updated project into the P6 web once he connects in the internet after working offline?

b.) Or, is there a way he could access the central database server where the weblogic domain resides?  So he doesn't need to manually export/import project data/updates and this can be seen automatically in web as well as the entire team.


Zoltan Palffy
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no that I now of

Jithin Varghese
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Hi ,


Is there any tutorial for creating deployments of Primavera 18 on server . 




Zoltan Palffy
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Joined: 13 Jul 2009
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go to 'All Programs'' --> 'Microsoft SQL Server' --> 'Configuration Tools' --> 'SQL Server Configuration Manager'
SQL Server Config Mngr window will open. In the right hand site of the window you will see different data bases. Right Click on the SQL Server 'Primavera' and click 'start'.
Then try again to log in in Primavera.

maddy jais
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Im unable to connect the EPPM database with Primavera P6 client.Can you please explain what to do for configuration the EPPM in Primavera client.

Md Javeed Jamadar
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Joined: 10 Mar 2015
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Kindly Help to install EPPM p6, im unalbe o install.

Im gettinr error Java_Home .


Hope to get in ur touch.


Md Javeed