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P6 R8.2 EPPM Web Client - cannot Schedule or Summarize Project Data

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Nick Smith
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We have an installation of P6 R8.2 EPPM (for Web client) server on Microsoft Server 2008 with WebLogic 11g.  The Database installed is MS SQL Express 2005.  Java JDK 6 update 27 was selected during P6 setup.

P6 installed and configured without errors or issues.  We can login to the system and navigate as normal. 

The issue: when we attempt to schedule or summarize a project, the process doesn't run.  It gets queued as pending, but never executes.  The massage is "The Scheduler process requires more time to complete.  You can continue to work while the process completes in the background.", but this never happens.

Does anyone know what background service does this in the EPPM system and how to verify its status?  Could it be related to SYMON and DAMON? We have not been able to locate any specific information about this in the documentation or on the internet. 

Many thanks in advance,