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MS Project multi-screen issue

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Alex Lyaschenko
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Joined: 15 Aug 2011
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Very annoying MS Project multi-screen issue. 

When MS Project is opened on an external screen. After the screen is unplugged (or another external screen used), it is impossible to reach MS Project. Somehow it remembers the old screen. I can see that the schedule is opened (via Alt+tab), but I can't reach it. The only workaround now is to switch my laptop to 'duplicate screen' mode, wait, and sometimes it brings MS Project to the laptop screen, but sometimes don't.

My colleagues are experiencing the same issue. 


Is it a common MS Project multi-screen issue or a local problem, and is it a way to avoid it?


Alex Lyaschenko
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Joined: 15 Aug 2011
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It works with other applicatins but not with MS Project :) 

Rodel Marasigan
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I don't think it is a MS Project issue. I believed it is a Windows (10) or (11) upgrade issue. The work arround work for me is to make the external screen as the main display and not the laptop. Once unplug, the laptop automatically revert back to main display and not lost the MS Project screen.

Hope this will work for you too.

Bogdan Leonte
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Hello Alex,

Try the following:

01. Select MS Project by using the Alt+Tab function too loop through opened windows/programs opened.

02. Use the Windows Key + Left/Right Arrows to move the MS Project window to the main screen. It may take several left/right arrow keys to move it, since Windows+Left, moves the any window from one half of the screen to another. Left/Right depends on the position of the second display, if it is to the left of the main display then use the Windows Key+Right Arrow, if it is on the right of the main display reverse.

Best regards,