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Help Understanding Resource Allocation

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Loren Burnett
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Happy first planning planet post to me.. :)

Hope you guys can help. So I have a schedule in Microsoft Project 2007 and I have a "General Project Management" task which has x amount of hours allocated to it a 1 resource. That task is linked up to the start of the project and we adjust the duration of the task so that is spans the lifecyle of the project. The work hours always stays the same.

So my query is, how does MS Project split up those hours across the say 12 months of the project. Should it be equally spread across the 12 months or does it have some sort of background logic as to how it works that out?

We currently use the resource usage view to do a forecast of the next 6 months of work for each department in the business. For project management when I go into the resource usage the hours are showing at random splits i.e. 13.35 for January 18.22 for February and so on and so on...why is that, why isn't it just equally spread? Is it something to do with the calendar set up on the order and the amount of available working days being different depending on what month it is.

Any help or insight would be very much appreciated.

Thank you :)