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Importing xml

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Michiel Janssens
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Dear all,

I’m experiencing the following two issues when importing a Primavera P6 schedule into MS Project:

-          Percentage complete is not imported correctly. All not completed tasks get a 0% complete, also when they are, for example,  marked as 50% complete in P6. For these in progress tasks the actual duration is then added to the original duration, so the duration in MSP becomes (a lot) longer than in P6. For the not started and completed tasks durations are imported correct.

-          The calendars themselves are imported correctly, but all tasks get the Standard Calendar and not the same calendar as in P6.

The steps I take are as follows:

-          Export the schedule as a XML-file, version 2010

-          Insert the XML into an empty MS Project file via Open – Add to active project


I checked the xml file, this seems to be in order.

The versions of the software are: Primaver P6 Professional  8.2.1 build #3763 and MS Project 2010 14.0.7166.5000 (32 bit)

Have any of you experienced these issues yourself and does anyone know how to solve them?